Team USA

Dreaming Big, Tim Morehouse Brings Fencing To Schools

By Darci Miller

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Tim Morehouse’s Olympic journey started as a kid. Morehouse began dreaming of the Olympic Games soon after taking up fencing as a 13-year-old. After college, however, he instead followed his love of teaching. As a seventh grade teacher in New York, he made a point of imploring his students to pursue their dreams. And one day, one of his students asked him why he wasn’t pursuing his.

Now, after three U.S. Olympic teams and a silver medal in team sabre from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Morehouse has turned his attention back to where it all began: kids. As the founder of Fencing in the Schools, his goal is to expose children to the sport he found by accident.

“My school just happened to have fencing,” the New York City native said. “I think there are only 6,000 varsity (fencing) athletes in the country, so I feel really lucky that I had it. I had no idea what it was until I found it at my school. I feel very fortunate, and I think that’s why I’m so passionate about trying to give back to kids and to schools and to kind of pay it forward.”

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