We're on a mission to bring the sport of fencing and its life lessons to children across the country.

At the age of thirteen, my life was profoundly changed when I stumbled upon the sport of fencing and a coach who believed in me. When I started, I thought I was just playing a sport, but something unexpected happened at practice: while I was working on turning on the scoring light, I was also turning on my internal light, awakening my own potential and illuminating the path to becoming my best self.

I founded Fencing In The Schools to ensure that today’s children can have the same opportunities that fencing provided for me and my peers. It is our mission to Turn The Light On for students across the country and help them become engaged, active, confident adults who can set goals and exceed them, lead a team, and have a positive impact on the world. 

Tim Morehouse
Founder of Fencing In The Schools