Introductory Fencing PE Program

Students learn to fence during an 8 lesson fencing unit taught by their regular PE teacher at school. Designed as a collaboration between Olympians and professional teachers, this 6 week program introduces students to the sport of fencing as part of their regularly scheduled gym class. Nine basic technical skills are taught, including the En Garde position, four footwork skills, and four bladework skills. These skills provide students with the fundamentals for a safe and fun fencing experience, and are woven together with lessons in grit, growth mindset, and character development to create a coherent learning experience.

our program includes

  • An Olympian "Go for the Gold" assembly to kick off the program, introduce the sport and share important messages about goal-setting and perseverance.
  • School-safe fencing equipment.
  • Training for the school's PE teachers.
  • A full curriculum, including 8 lessons that combine fencing and life lessons, and extensive resources for teachers, including video tutorials.

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