About Tim Morehouse (FITS Founder/CEO)

Tim Morehouse founded Fencing in the Schools in 2011 to give children across the country the same opportunity he had to benefit from the Olympic sport of Fencing.   Tim, a New York City native (born July 29, 1978) is an Olympic Silver Medalist from the Beijing Games, a three-time Olympic team member (’04, ’08, ’12) and two-time individual US National Champion (’10 and ’11).

Tim was honored as one of President Obama’s “Champions of Change” at the White House in 2012 for his service to the country through the Teach For America program and AmeriCorps. His success as an athlete ambassador for the sport of fencing is renowned.  He taught President Obama to fence on the White House Lawn, his Fencing Masters competition is currently the largest fencing spectator tournament in the USA and is the country’s first nationally televised US fencing tournament outside of the Olympics.

Tim authored the book American Fencer: Modern Lessons from an Ancient Sport (www.americanfencer.com), which chronicles his journey and shares the lessons he learned growing up in New York City’s crime ridden Washington Heights during the 1980s, and how he rose to the Olympic podium. He now spends a significant amount of time translating his leadership and motivational skills as one of the best-known ambassadors for the sport of fencing.  As a speaker and athlete ambassador, he has spoken to more than 30,000 students about achieving their dreams and at numerous fortune 500 companies.